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Hearing Wise is a hearing aid provider of top quality, name brand hearing aids. The number of individuals going online to research and buy hearing aids is growing. Hearing Wise responded with a new approach to buying hearing aids that brings together personalized service with the convenience and savings of online purchases.


Today's savvy consumer wants convenience, quality and price. Hearing Wise offers all that and more. Only Hearing Wise ensures that every customer receives a customized face-to-face fitting at a local credentialed hearing aid clinic and a free 10-day in-home trial. It's all part of our hearing services.

No Upfront Costs, No Risk, No Obligation

Hearing loss is often subtle, happening gradually over time. Many don't realize they are suffering from some type of hearing loss so it is quite common for hearing loss to go undetected and untreated. For those who have been suffering from untreated hearing loss, what could be better than experiencing optimal hearing? Hearing Wise gives everyone this opportunity with a FREE 10-day in-home trial. There are no upfront costs and no obligation.

Hearing Wise will arrange for you to be professionally fitted with the newest technology to try out in your own surroundings. For the next 10 days, you will hear sounds and voices you have been missing for years. Once you see how they enhance your life, we know you will want to buy your hearing aids. But you can continue to put them to the test. If you are not fully satisfied, Hearing Wise will provide a full refund up to 45 days from purchase.

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Request your 10-day trial today. Call the hearing aid specialists at Hearing Wise or schedule an appointment here.

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