What is Hearing Wise’s free trial and how does it work?
When your hearing aids arrive your provider will professionally fit them. You then begin your absolutely free trial period, up to 10 days, to determine if they meet expectations. You’ll have the opportunity to wear your new hearing aids as you go about your daily activities and experience first-hand how they enhance your life.
Is your trial period really free?
Absolutely, we will not ask for any money until you are completely satisfied and have decided to purchase your new hearing aids.
Why can’t I order directly from Hearing Wise?
Our hearing health professionals play a critical role in our patient’s satisfaction and hearing health. One of our providers will perform an in-depth hearing evaluation to diagnose and treat your hearing loss. Your hearing aids are custom-fitted and adjusted to fine-tune them.
What if I need service on my hearing aids?
After you purchase you hearing aids, you will receive free service for one year or four follow-up visits, whichever ends first. After that, if you enjoy working with your provider, you may continue to do so.
How do I pay for my hearing aids?
You pay Hearing Wise directly. We accept checks, most major credit cards or if you prefer, we can help arrange payments through CareCredit™.
What is your return policy?
If you are not completely satisfied, hearing aids returned in the same working condition as originally fit are eligible for a full refund up to 45 days from date of purchase.
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